Our Services


Horizontal directional boring


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. uses an innovative trench less technology called horizontal directional boring.  This type of boring is a way to drill holes and place piping underground for utility/water projects with limited to no disruption to the ground surface.


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. uses:

  • 1 inch to 24 inch large, single or multiple conducts
  • Bores distances up to 1,500 feet
  • Boring in hard ground conditions
  • Accurate on-grade bores to 1 percent







Vacuum Excavation


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. uses the safest and most non-intrusive technology available on the market today.  Vacuum excavation uses water or air to safely expose utilities and excavate in congested areas or where heavy machinery is not practical or unsafe.  This type of service breaks up the soil, while a high-powered vacuum lifts out the soil without damaging or disrupting buried fiber-optic lines, cables or utility pipes.




Kirby Cable Service, Inc.  specializes in large manhole installation and open cut telephone and power duct runs.  Whether  the work needs to be done  in  a congested city or open farmland, Kirby Cable Service, Inc. has the right size equipment to properly install a product quickly and efficiently.  Kirby Cable Service, Inc.  has a fleet of large and compact equipment and will determine a proper plan to successfully complete your project with the least disruption to the environment and property.


Trenching & plowing


Kirby Cable Service, Inc.  is your source for trenching and plowing.  We have various types of equipment that can trench and plow and install conduit.  We also have equipment that buries wire up to 48 inches deep and sizes up to 6 inches in diameter.  Kirby Cable Service, Inc. is available for fiber long haul projects all the way down to installing private services to your home.