With technology changing as fast as it does, Kirby Cable Service, Inc.  prides itself  in having the most  up- to-date equipment and techniques.  One of our specialties is getting the job done quickly while providing quality work.


safe workforce

Kirby Cable Service, Inc. prides itself in safety.  All employees are OSHA trained and certified.  We conduct daily safety checks and have weekly team meetings to ensure all employees and equipment are operating safely.


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. believes every employee is a vital asset to our success and we strive to educate our employees through classes and on-site field training.

about US


Kirby Cable Service Inc. has the capability of installing pipe up to 24 inches and pullback capabilities up to 40,000 pounds.  We offer a fleet of trucks, excavator's ,vacs, plows, and specialty equipment.


Our evolving industry

We've built our reputation on quality.


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. was founded in 1983 by current President, James (Tad) Kirby, with a focus on cable TV systems.  The company has grown over the years and has built its name and expertise around the telecommunications industry, offering several services including communications, electrical, water/sewar and gas.


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company and brings several years of experience to every job.  Whether you have a multi million dollar project or a one day job, Kirby Cable Service, Inc. will provide you with a qualified team of professionals to complete your project on time and on budget.


Kirby Cable Service, Inc. is honored to be one of the most trusted directional boring companies in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.